💜No need to seek validation, you don’t need it love

💜The more light you allow within you, the brighter the world you live in will be

💜I don’t want to be like anyone else but me

💜As I got wiser I realised physical beauty can only take you so far. The beauty of the mind is the real winner 

💜They say lighting never strikes in the same place twice… but you strike my heart every time I look at you

💜‪Keep your cards close to your chest, you only have one card of hearts in your deck don’t swap it for a joker

💜I’m really not trying to walk the same path twice. So if I see the same signs, I’m changing my direction

💜Think of your heart like a work of art and make it beautiful

💜The definition of beauty is held in ones heart

💜Bathe in self love

💜Never be afraid of being different because you wouldn’t buy the exact same pair of shoes twice

💜I want to find the person who makes me feel like I’m on fire in the rain

💜You should never be in a position to let anyone knock your confidence. Fuck them. You’re great

💜Make your heart the most precious thing you own

💜I stay up late just so I don’t dream

💜I truly believe sometimes we fixate on the thought of someone or something rather than the actual reality

💜It takes grace to remain kind in cruel situations

💜‪The unexpected is very charming

💜I used to admire beautiful people; as I grow older, I admire kind people

💜Don’t try and analyse me because I’m not what you have ever seen before

💜Anyone can come into your life and touch your body but someone who comes into your life and touches your soul. That’s precious and irreplaceable

💜 ‪The wrong people are a lesson to you. To make you a better person for the right one ‬

💜I still believe in love letters

💜Like a bee to a flower let’s pollinate the world with our laugher because happiness blooms beautifully

💜I love conversations with people that always make you smile. It’s so addictive

💜What you don’t realise is that your walking a new path everyday

💜If you remember what your fighting for you will never miss your target

💜Find someone who will help you grow not break you

💜Being kind doesn’t make you weak

💜She was a rainbow but he was coloured blind

💜When you can’t find the sunshine become the sunshine

💜You have no idea what you can achieve until you pick yourself up and start working for it

💜Someone that doesn’t care about your future is someone who’s not planning to be in it

💜Be your own kind of beautiful

💜I need a personality that’s deep and interesting like the rain but sexual chemistry that’s like fire

💜Life is more precious than to lead your life based on material things

💜Don’t settle for second best when your a number one