Lockdown Lessons

This year has been a life changing struggle that has also been one of the biggest blessings in disguise I have faced.

I chased what I thought was true love.

I fought for what I thought was a pure friendship. 

I cried until the sun came up because I felt like the world was falling.

I danced in the moonlight because there was no where else to be free.

I laughed at small moments because the littlest things I didn’t normally appreciate made me overwhelmed with joy.

One thing I have took for granted is freedom and happiness. I work hard for nice material things but when it’s all said and done it’s the people in my life that make it worth being on this earth.

You have to really live life with no regrets and to the fullest. 

Let go of grudges. Stop ignoring the person you like because you’re scared to love. Be nice to your family. Have laughs where you can. Book that trip you’ve dreamt about you deserve a treat. Lastly enjoy the small moments they are precious.

Not everyone has to be your friend and involved in your life but that doesn’t mean you have to make enemies.

Blocking out bad energy from people is the single most peaceful thing you can do. Keep your energy safe but also you don’t have to create negative ones to do so.

Take down time often to reconnect with your own spirit. Too many opinions floating around you can drag you down and make you doubt yourself. This is why ‘me time’ is important to reroot yourself.

It’s ok to feel sad. It’s ok to get your heart broken. If you live with no regrets and a pure heart you know you always did the best you could. Pick yourself up and remember how strong you are.

There is a reason the universe doesn’t give you what you want. Trust it. 

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