Something special about you

2B9AE08A-F101-4BD9-9C62-D4D30E2F189DSomething special about you.

I immediately knew. I knew you’d be a great disaster.

The first look into your eyes. I felt a spiritual connection. It felt like a million fireflies floating amongst endless stars.

Never wanting to leave your side. Sitting in bed all day talking about the world and it’s wonders. You didn’t realise I would be looking at you thinking you are my world wonder.

He thought he was never good enough.

I thought if anything he was too good for me. A beautiful creative creature with the softest heart. Holding his hand I felt the luckiest girl in the world.

Being with someone who makes you feel like everything is in slow motion. It made time so precious. Even our star signs were perfectly fitted together.

I think I was falling in love. Your smile made me feel as warm as the sun on my skin. Your touch electric. Your eyes felt like sinking into the ocean our stare was so deep.

I do believe in meeting the right person but in the wrong time.

It wasn’t our time my darling. That’s it.

My heart is still sore from this.

One day it might find you again and it won’t cry for you.

I’ve longed for a spiritual connection since and I’ve not found anything close to what you gave me. This is why you must remember you are a diamond and there’s something special about you.

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