Self Worth

The first place you should look for validation is within yourself.

Once you learn to love yourself first you become strong and harder to break.

When you have big heart and it gets broken, it takes so much more time to repair.

Looking for validation in other people is one of the mistakes I used to make because it consumes you. It makes you want to change the beautiful things about yourself that make you individual just so you can belong.

As I’ve blossomed I’ve realised you have to match people’s energy. Feel the energy that’s given and reciprocate the same amount. This way you’re not draining yourself of your own light to give it to someone who won’t bounce it back.

Truly a lot of people are ungrateful of life and don’t know how to love.

You can’t make someone be nice to you, you can’t make someone be loyal. They will do it because they want to and that’s really what you look for.

You are worth anyone in the world so if they don’t treat you like the only one in the world for them then someone else will.

Something you never get back is your time, don’t waste it being treat like anything less than your worth.

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