Fighting my battle as a woman
I always have to explain and defend myself for my appearance.

Clothes don’t define me.

The way I look shouldn’t define how I’m treat.

Yeah, it’s a battle. I’m constantly having to fight my corner.

I always promote that being yourself and loving your body shouldn’t define how people treat you.

I’m a gentle person and I have a great heart. Just because I have a body I work for and big boobs doesn’t mean I deserve to get used by guys or looked down upon. I show it off to feel good cause I’ve worked for it. I’m not going to have a sexy body to hide it and why should I.

If you were to dress like a superhero would that actually change who you are and give you powers? No. But it makes you feel like powerful.

Because my body has curves and edges it makes it not beautiful and it means I must be promiscuous.
Just like being beautiful and thin it must mean you don’t eat.
Or my cellulite makes me imperfect.

Women are warriors and if we stick together and we are an army.

When we are born we are born naked. The naked body is exquisite. It’s nature. Personally I don’t have the confidence to walk into the local super market in the butt. However if I want to celebrate the body I’ve come to love that’s my choice.

I respect any person male or female, different shapes, different race we are who we are and the real raw beautiful of a human is in their soul.

Every one has a different story and we should listen before we judge them on how they look.

Instead of pointing out people’s flaws to put them down we should compliment them to lift them up.

Be a nice human

One thought on “Naked

  1. Wow it was like you were hearing my soul speak! Great topic! I loved your words straight from the heart! People think just because we have big boobs we can’t have a big HEART that beats behind it too let alone a brain.


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