I hate the term replaceable.
You can replace an object or a person but you can’t replace the memory and the way you were feeling at that time. The butterflies in your stomach. The goosebumps on your skin.

You can’t meet the same person twice or get that experience in that exact same way.

A connection with another soul is so personal. To capture vibes together in that same instant, you don’t get a chance to be in that moment again.

When you think about the essence of life we share is the smallest of moments it’s quite captivating.

I think it’s the reason we become attached to one another and need the other person. Because every relationship is completely individual and unique.

When a vibe is so good it becomes like a drug. An addiction. Needing to be around it more and more and if you’re away from it too long you feel like you’re weak. Craving the taste of the potion they possess.

It’s like being under a spell. Complete compulsion. The only thing that can break it is distance.

The problem is when the magnetic force is that powerful, as much as you detach yourself eventually you will find a way back.

A fierce vibe is something so hypnotic you physically cannot keep away.
It’s like a fossil, rare to find and hard to forget.

Don’t let it lose you.

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