Day Dreamer

We all have a dream of something we desire
In reality how many of us actually strive towards that dream?
How many of us really do achieve it and how many of us kept the dream just a dream.
We can excuse ourselves for not having enough ambition.
We can put it down to the misfortunes of life.
Life throws obstacles at us to test our strength and build our inner spirit.
The only actual obstacle in-between you and your dream is in fact yourself and the road you choose.
If you don’t try you will never fly.
Capture your fears and extinguish them.
The only fear which will haunt you will be the regret of the chances we never took.
Stay patient even when life feels like its punishing you.
It’s the universes way of preparing you for what’s awaiting in your beyond destiny.                                                   
In order to achieve you must carve the path you seek.
The guidance you aspire is from within yourself.
Nurture that voice inside to stimulate your mind to create the potential to accomplish.
Don’t follow your dreams, Hunt them.

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