Own World

Do you ever get times where you feel really different, like and outsider to society or like an alien to earth?

A lot of the time I feel like no one gets me and I feel very misunderstood.

I guess I live in my own world but to be honest it’s beautiful here in my head, truly beautiful.

I connect with mother nature and it keeps me grounded.

The moon gives me power and its shine completely mesmerises me.

Birds singing are like my soul music.

Flowers blossoming are the growth to my beauty inside. Roses to be exact.

I find good conversation like a drug. I get so high of that feeling and become so addicted.

 I will cherish the being who comes into my life with thoughts alike as it’s so rare to find anyone who see things for the way I do.

I dream in the day constantly slipping into my thoughts to which most are only shared with me.

I believe in being unique. Be who you are inside not what anyone wants you to be.

One thing you must remember is there will only be one of yourself and that’s the beauty in life.

I take the time to appreciate the little things in life that are of no material value but are the things we shouldn’t live without like our smiles.

My main goal in life is to be truly deeply happy and where I go to spread that feeling.

So like a bee to a flower lets pollinate the world with our laughter because happiness blooms beautifully.

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