Rise and Shine

In life you get times which are bad.

This week for me has been particularly bad.


When someone you care for betrays you, it breaks you as a person and brings a lot of negativity.


For me I like to take the anger, sadness and the pain and launch that into something I’m dedicated to and focus on a positive outcome.


Pain for me now is a fuel to my fire. It only makes me stronger and rise from the ashes with roaring flames a better and more powerful person.


My lesson for you today is never let anyone make you feel negative because you’re better than that. 

Things happen to teach us and help us grow.


Every lesson is a blessing and you will get back up and shine again and when you do make sure it’s fucking fabulous darling

One thought on “Rise and Shine

  1. Paris,

    Only stumbled across this by accident, however took to reading your posts, beautifully written. Completely agree with you, some people come into your life as rays of sunshine and others come out as lessons.

    It’s like you said also even after the darkest of nights the sun will rise again and you are completely true referencing converting pain into turning it into a positive whether that is something you’ve wanted to do for a while you’ve been scared off or just being proud of how far you’ve come.

    Shine like the whole universe is yours.

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