First times

Can you remember the first time you met someone who instantly took your breath away?

The memory of that moment replaying in your head like a 90’s love song.


I can remember what you wore. That leather jacket with a cigarette hanging out of your mouth like James Dean and the danger in your eyes.

I knew my life was about to be turned upside down but I went with it because…. well I like danger.


Can you remember the first time you looked at someone and realised you couldn’t live without their smile?

A smile you want to see every second.


I can remember that smile. It didn’t have to be perfect cause it was perfect to me.

I got butterflies every time I was the reason it was showing.


Can you remember the first time someone’s words stuck with you?

Writing a book in your head with everything they said.


I can remember the words.

How I was your favourite person and you liked being around me for my soul.

How you would protect me from the worlds brutal truths and how you hadn’t slept well in years until I was there.


Can you remember the first time you realised you might be love?

Thinking this danger has gone too far.


I remember that moment, wondering how in such dark times had a fire burned so bright with passion.

Scared to admit the truth of what my heart felt because with a heart full of scars how could you show this to anyone.


Can you remember the first time you had to walk away and give up?

The 90’s love songs on repeat again.


I remember I had to leave. I was your cure and you were my disease. I picked you up and you let me down. I tried to fix you but doing that I broke myself.

I cared for you when no one else would and you just cared for yourself.


First times

Even when something ends we will always create first times.

Just because something you’ve done didn’t work first time don’t let it stop you.

Don’t let the fears and scars stop you creating new happiness.

Every path we take and every person we meet on the way teaches us a lesson or a blessing.

It’s up to you to figure that out.

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