Soul Searching

There is a fine line between love and lust.

To lust is a physical emotion. To want someone because of a connection based on attraction.

To love is not just a physical but mental emotion. When two minds connect and simulate each other on an intellectual level and the feeling becomes less of a thing you want and more of a thing you need.

Physical attraction will only take a relationship so far however if you can find the balance between physical and mental attraction you can take the relationship to the deepest of depths.

To unlock someone’s mind and soul takes patience and strength but is more rewarding than to just unlock someone’s body.

We choose our friends based on how they make us feel and their personalities and different traits not on their appearance and those relationships last a lifetime.

To find an intimate relationship as well as a friendship you need to look beyond a pretty face and find a beautiful heart.

Soul search for the soul that makes yours light up.

A soul that makes you want to be a better person and who turns your insecurities into confidence.

A soul who you can eternally trust and mutually respect.

Social media shows you a person’s outer beauty but if you really soul search you will start to notice a person’sΒ inner beauty.

If you’re lucky enough to fall for someone’s heart don’t waste it for another pretty face because the most attractive thing you should look for in a person is their heart.

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