Kindness is not weakness

As I mature I realise I have grown as a person and mellowed into my personality.

However being a Taurus it is sometimes hard to tame the beast sometimes when patiences are tested.

My lesson already this year is about letting go. Not everyone you lose is a loss.

Looking deeper into people’s souls really brings to light their intention in your life.

It’s very hard to find someone who has come into your life with only positive and beneficial intentions.

I have found a lot of people’s attitude is that it’s every person for them self and unless people are gaining something from you or can take from you then you are a pointless piece to their puzzle.

There’s two kinds of people.

A giver or a taker.

If like me you’re a giver then in life you are a kind gentle loving soul.

That’s not to say if you’re a taker that you’re not but you don’t put in what you take out.

As a giver I’m realising that a lot of the time I get let down. Always putting 100% into everything is exhausting when it’s never reciprocated.

My advise is to never let anyone take your kindness for weakness.

Just because you have a good heart doesn’t mean it should be abused.

My fiery side holds my soft nature up when it gets knocked down.

Never let anyone take you for granted because the only person who is losing is the taker as they no longer can take from you.

Lastly never let anyone dull your shine.

Even on the darkest nights the brightest star still shines through.

Be the brightest star and keep shining.

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