Lady of the Castle

I went on a beautiful trip this weekend to a charming place called Hever Castle.

A secret of mine is I actually have a love of history and one of my favourite time periods to learn about is the Tudors.

The castle dates back to the 13th century and was the childhood home of the famous Anne Boleyn. Second wife of Henry VIII and Mother of Elizabeth I.

Anne is known not just for being beheaded by the King but for being the reason behind Henry’s idea to break the catholic church and bring in annulment.

One of the things that caught my eye other that the glorious gardens was letters between the King and Anne from when they were courting up until her final letter before her death.

The words are so strong and you can really feel the passion between the two and the love that was kept.

Pride can be big factor for demolishment. Don’t lose something special for it.

Always is a mystery how so much love can turn into misery.

Atleast the grounds are still bursting with energy and gentle vibes.


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