Orbis- The flying eye hospital

I got the amazing experience to get to visit Orbis.

If like me you have never heard of it before its definitely something worth learning about.

Orbis is a flying eye hospital charity which has visited 92 developing countries since 1982 preforming life changing operations to unite the world to fight avoidable blindness.

The equipment on board was like nothing I have ever seen. Normally when I step on a plane its to go for a sunny holiday. This time I saw literally a hospital on a plane.

I got to speak to some of the crew who preform some of the operations and the pilot who flies the plane. The stories I got told truly warmed my heart.

The charity is funded by sponsors, some of which I got to meet and hear why they are so passionate to help make a change.

My day was made by an 91 year old man who was an engineer for the plane years ago and another gentleman who had been treated on the plane in his youth who had terrible vison and how it has improved his life.

Was a day worth volunteering for just to hear the beautiful stories never been told.




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