Goodbyes…Helping each other to stand again

There’s an abundance of reasons we say goodbye.

The ones you know you will see again.

The ones you know you will never see again.

The ones that let go of an idea of what if…

See its not just the loss of a person its the loss of a memory, loss of a future, a plan, regrets you can never change.

Question is do we ever really heal from such a prominent loss and if we can how?

To love and be love is so precious. Its the reason we live.

Nothing is more painful than losing that feeling.

Memories are a blessing and a curse with goodbyes. A song, a smell, a place.

Something so small to bring all the memories of someone right back to you like your back in that moment.

If you could take the pain away from someone you care about who is hurting over a loss would you. I know I would.

Putting someone else’s feelings before your own is completely selfless and also the most hardest. To ignore your feelings to protect someone is to hurt your own and I’d gladly do it twice.

Sometimes we say a goodbye for the best. Does that make it easy? Walking away from something your heart is with but for the better. That’s a goodbye you need strength for. Sometimes you need your own heart to be set free to find that inner strength.

The best way to heal is to learn to stand again. Brush off your broken wings and learn not just to fly but to soar.

Wholeness comes from brokenness. Connect with people through your struggle. Hold each other by the heart.

If someone’s touched your life you have lost I would love to hear your story and heal together.

Tears will only drown you. You can’t feel the sunshine if your stuck in the ocean.


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